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With the New Year upon us people all over the world are making the questionable decision of taking a “polar bear” dip in their local body of water. I made my own real deal Polar Bear excursion back in my Freshman year of High School when I still lived in Wisconsin. A few of the seniors on my swim team thought it would be cool to go down to the lakefront and enjoy a quick dip. The water had chunks of ice floating through it when we got there… not good. The lake was so cold it burned searing hot when you got in! After dunking myself we ran back to our cars and drove home. I spent like an hour in the bath tub reheating myself.

My team, Conejo Valley Multisport Masters, is taking a Polar Bear dip in Malibu on the first and some of my local open water friends are going to swim at Avila, but unfortunately I have to work. Boo. Instead I bring you videos of poor decision makers in action… don’t try this at home

Our first swimmer finds his pond slightly more solid than anticipated…

At least this guy knew the pond was frozen, but I don’t think that makes it any better… p.s. never ever do this, ever (there’s some colorful language on this one so turn down the volume if you’re at work)

And here we have a video from Milwaukee’s New Year’s Day Polar Bear Swim in 2007, I did it at the same beach January 1st 1995!

Just for good measure… here’s a picture I got in my email last year that was labeled “Snorkeling in Wisconsin”

the original involved this guy’s bare ass so I gave the poor guy a swimsuit :)

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