I swam like 3 mini workouts within my overall workout today. The way the pool deck is lit in the evening I can’t see anything without my glasses through the dark and the steam. Since I couldn’t see any of the other masters guys I grabbed myself half a lane and just got to it. I swam a good sized warm up and at the end of about 800m I (sort of) saw some familiar looking people 2 lanes over. Once I had confirmation that yes, those are in fact the swimmers I am looking for, I moved over and joined them. I swam around 900m with those guys until they were done. When they were done 2 other masters swimmers hopped in and I did another 500m with them before retiring to the hot tub.

200 swim
200 kick
200 pull
4 x 50 kick

200 swim
5 x 100 free IM
4 x 50 kick

5 x 100 fast 50, slow 50

2200 long course meters total

I feel like I’m getting in a really good rhythm right now with my workouts. I’m really glad I found some more local swimmers to workout with, it definitely makes a difference!

2 Responses to “Modular Swim Workout”

  1. EVK4 says:

    Rob, how many yards do super swimmers like you do in an hour usually?

  2. Rob D says:

    It kind of depends on who I'm swimming with and how it's broken up… in 1 hour my Santa Maria group tends to go 2500-3000, my team in Thousand Oaks runs closer to 3500… sometimes you end up just doing 2000… I know you're on the verge of joining a new masters group, don't sweat the distance! Masters are very cool about you taking breaks or extra time if you need it. Plus I guarantee that you'll surprise yourself with how much further you can swim with a group as opposed to by yourself.