The were 2 of us at the pool today in Santa Maria! I was very stoked to have some company today. Plus it didn’t hurt that despite being December it was very sunny and pretty warm outside today :) Amazingly I did *another* 2k workout, I have no idea how this keeps happening. In all fairness though, this turned out to be a really hard 2k workout!

Warm up was pretty smooth but then we transitioned into some fast 50 of which I over did the first few. In theory each set (we did 3) was supposed to descend but I have a feeling that didn’t really happen. The last 7 50′s were on 40 seconds, I made all of them but it didn’t feel so good at the time!

12 x 75 free @1:30

Repeat x 3
50 x 3 descending with fins @1:00
100 kick @ 2:00

7 x 50 @:40

Unfortunately I’m probably not going to get wet tomorrow thanks to some super fun (not really) work obligations, but I may sneak in 10k on Saturday morning with some of the guys from Kennedy.

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