As far as swimming a solo workout goes, today was about the best possible situation! I had my own 50m lane all to myself for 4000 meters on a sunny Saturday afternoon! How great is that? The only bummer about today was I forgot to charge my SwiMP3 before hitting the pool so I had to swim to my own internal soundtrack.

200 swim
200 kick
200 pull

Repeat x 3
500 swim
200 kick

800 swim
200 kick

300 cool down

4000 meters total

In the middle of my workout I met a guy 2 lanes over who reads the blog and follows me on Twitter. It always catches me off guard when people know who I am, but I’m always glad when people say hi! If you see me out at the pool or a meet drop by and say hi, I’m all about meeting new people!

I’m still playing with my new camera, here’s a little video and some pictures… the video has a very retro video vibe, I think it’s from little streams of water running over the lens while I was kicking.

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