Swam in Santa Maria today and honestly… it’s totally not fair how nice it is here in California right now. It’s dumping snow back where I grew up in Wisconsin, but I got to spend an hour in an outdoor pool here for lunch today! I love that! Anyways, condolences to the rest of you that have snow and cold and all that other weathery stuff.

3 people showed up to the pool today and everyone was kind of doing their own thing. I did a 600 yard warm up and then grabbed my SwiMP3 out of my swim bag so that I could tune out and just swim some yardage. I did a little pyramid on a 1:30/100 base that felt pretty good. At the end I did a sprint 100 with fins on and broke a minute which I’m pretty happy with. I have a race in like 2 weeks in Vegas so I gotta get used to going fast again!

200 swim
200 kick
200 pull

100 free
200 free
300 free
400 free
300 free
200 free
100 free

100 kick
100 sprint w/ fins (:59)

100 easy

2500 yards total

I think tomorrow may be a rest day, or at least a dryland day. Saturday I’m thinking I’m going to squeeze in 10k with the guys at Kennedy! I might change my mind Saturday morning, but at least right now it seems like a good idea :)

2 Responses to “Heavy Metal and Sunshine”

  1. Вадим Лисовой says:

    Hi Rob! Nice blog, I love it :)
    See you in Sweden Masters Worlds!

  2. Rob D says:

    Thanks, I'm glad you like it! Hopefully I make it to Worlds in Sweden and get a chance to meet you, I love it over there!