Go Swim has been launching a bunch of cool stuff recently (don’t forget to go get their free iPhone app!), and I think their most recent project is very cool and very useful for swimmers without coaches or those that want a second opinion. For $15 you can upload video of you swimming and they’ll deconstruct your stroke and give you their analysis of your swimming. Check out the video below for tips on how to take video of a swimmer in motion.

For more details on the program and a tutorial on how to upload your video for evaluation go here!

I have a new waterproof camera that has yet to go on its maiden voyage… I think this may be the perfect motivation to get it wet and figure out how it works!

While I’m talking about GoSwim… go check out the interview that Gold Medal Mel did with GoSwim cofounder Glenn Mills, if you want to read more about Glenn check out the interview I did with him here on RobAquatics back in August!

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