Today was my first foray into the ocean in about a month, a mix of rain and travel has kept me out of the open water. The weather was gorgeous, sunny with hardly a cloud in the sky, but the water was less than warm. Niel measured it at about 54 degrees, I felt it was a good day to fully suit up! I wore my wetsuit, took out my neoprene cap for the first time, and wore a swim mask instead of goggles. Normally a swim mask wouldn’t be my speed, but some of the other swimmers wear them just for the facial coverage with the thought that if the unbearably cold water can’t touch you it can’t freeze you. They’re right. Between the cap and the mask I got to skip that “ice cream headache” sensation.

There were some birds hanging out along the south end of the buoy line so we decided to just swim a lap around the pier today. Based on the time in the water and how far in the tide was, it felt like about 1500m of swimming. Me and Niel waded out into the water and waited for a break in the waves to get enough flat space to actually swim. Even though I was in a wetsuit that first wave of water down the front of the suit took the breath out of me! My hands and feet were on fire on the way down the pier, but by the end of it I was actually pretty comfortable. We regrouped at the end of the pier and then swam the rest of the way in. Our timing was just right and we didn’t get the washing machine treatment by the waves on the way back to the beach. We did have a bit of a crowd watching us finish our swim though. There were a few small groups of people up on the pier watching and I think they’re weren’t impressed with the swimming so much as they thought we were nuts.

Quick video from the water

I really need to start looking around at wetsuits again. I don’t like wearing them, but at 54 and below they’re kind of a necessity. My current wetsuit is very good and solid, but not quite wide enough in the shoulders. It changes my stroke on the left side in a way that’s really uncomfortable. Any wetsuit suggestions for a fair sized gentleman?

2 Responses to “Frosty Swim Around the Pier”

  1. Paul says:

    Ahh this is what I miss about Southern California

  2. Rob D says:

    This is why I can never leave!