I woke up early and drove up to SLO to swim 10k meters for reasons I don’t quite understand. Unfortunately (luckily?) the start time for the guys swimming had moved forward since I was told about it and nobody had told me. Since I’m new I’m not hooked into all the emails yet. I missed out on about 3k, whoops.

I got in for the second set and got right to it. I felt pretty good in the water today and my shoulder wasn’t too crunchy. Half the group got out around the 4-5k mark and I decided to stay and swim through to the end with the 2 guys who were going the full distance.

Normally I’d recap the workout, but honestly I can’t remember half of it. It was good though, varied enough to make that much swimming interesting. There were a lot of 150s, a few strings of 50, it was almost all freestyle, there was a ladder in there somewhere and a good amount of kicking. All told I came in at about 7000 long course meters. Maybe 7100 or 7200… I did a little extra when I switched between the group that left early to the guys that did the whole swim. As much as I wish I would have been able to do the full 10k I wasn’t motivated enough to do the last 3k solo and my legs were starting to tighten up on me so I might not have made it anyways.

Afterwards we hung out in the hot tub for a while. I started to get a little light headed after about 10 minutes so I figured it was best I got out and started drinking right away. I finished off the Gatorade I had with me and then hurried home to do something about eating. I had quite the appetite today! Eggs, hash browns, toast, and 6 slices of cinnamon bread french toast later I’m feeling much better :) I have a feeling there’s an afternoon nap in my future…

my breakfast before I promptly demolished it

Tomorrow I’m hoping to spend some quality time in the ocean, we’ll see if I’m feeling up to actually swimming when I wake up! Yesterday some of my Avila open water friends did a swim at the pier, you can check out some pictures here and a brief write up by Niel here. My Conejo Valley Multisport Masters teammates did a polar bear dip at Zuma beach yesterday and you can see some pictures from that on the CVMM Facebook page!

2 Responses to “First Swim of 2010, 7k at Kennedy”

  1. James says:

    Sorry I gave you the wrong time last week – I think we all thought the club would open late. Will get you on the email list…

    Anyhow, 7000+ m ain't to bad at all for one workout…

  2. Rob D says:

    Don't sweat it dude, it was probably a good thing I missed the first part… 7k is more than enough!