My swim team in Thousand Oaks is running a couple days of pool time to get the 1 hour postal done. Just found out today that I got myself scheduled in for Sunday morning! I’ve never done a 1 hour postal before but I’ve been doing a lot of distance recently so hopefully I’ll be at least kinda ready.

Today I swam in Santa Maria at lunch. It was a little chilly from all the wind but all the sunshine balanced it out. There were 4 of us in the water today and I think everybody got their own lane which is always good. We’ve been on a bit of a stroke count kick down there recently. Today it was focused on freestyle. I was pretty consistent (when I remembered to actually count) with around 13-14 strokes per length. The workout felt pretty solid and luckily I didn’t bonk out like I did yesterday!

Here’s the workout we did:

200 choice

Repeat x 4 count strokes and try to hold the same # across all distances
25 @ :35
50 @ :55
75 @ 1:15
100 @ 1:40

3 x 200 dolfin kick w/ fins

Repeat x 4
100 @ 1:35
50 @ :45
50 @ :40

2600 yards total

In other news… I’m trying out a new toolbar thingie on the website. I think it’s kinda cool, what do you guys think? I got the idea from Eric at the Kastaway Blog a couple months ago but never got around to installing it until tonight.

Hot or not?

4 Responses to “Doing the 1 Hour Postal This Weekend!”

  1. EVK4 says:

    Hey Rob, is it cheating to really concentrate on a long streamline off the wall to get your stroke count down?

    I got it to 14 but I'm spending what I consider a long time underwater, probably 7 yards. Seems like cheating.

  2. EVK4 says:

    And, I dig the bar, it looks sharp and simple. For some reason it looks cleaner than Kastaways but when comparing, it's obvious that it's exactly the same size.

  3. Rob D says:

    I think concentrating on good streamlines is just good business! Remember, smarter not harder :) Match that streamline with some dolphin kicking and that'll be even better!

    I'm glad you dig the toolbar! It's the exact same program that Kastaway is using, but my settings are a little different… I'm still tweaking it a bit…

  4. Tracy B says:

    Dig the new toolbar! Yet one more shiny, blinky distraction. And it's so YOU.