I was kind of sore and dragging ass today but I really wanted to get in the water and swim in hopes of shaking it off. I gave up soda (except at restaurants where I don’t trust the water) back in November and I’ve really been tired in the afternoons without an irresponsible amount of sugar in my system. Today was one of those days where I was falling asleep in my chair and I resorted to some GU packets to try and keep me up since that was all I had in my bag… not exactly what they’re for, but I didn’t end up asleep under my desk so I guess they worked enough!

I swam long course in SLO tonight. I started out with a few of the guys that had already been in for a bit and did about 1000 meters with them, after they finished up I hung out and did another 2000 by myself. It was kind of nice, I had a whole 50m lane to myself and I brought my SwiMP3 to listen to. I ended up doing a modified version of a workout my coach down at CVMM sent me.

8 x 50 free

10 x 100 free
5 x 200 pull
500 swim

100 kick

3000 long course meters total

There’s rumblings of a few more people taking a crack at a 10,000 meter swim again this weekend, I think I’m going to do it. I have the urge to do some 10k swims this summer so I need to get used to the idea of swimming that far in a day, plus it’ll help me cushion my Go the Distance numbers a little bit in case I get lazy later in the month :)

On an unrelated note… I set up a custom url today for the Rob Aquatics Fan Page on Facebook, you can now get to it via www.facebook.com/robaquatics. If you’re on Facebook go check it out! We’ve got a good discussion about people’s goals for 2010 going on right now!

And in other news that’s at least exciting to me… I have my first confirmed calendar success! One of my swimmer friends from New York is coming to SF for business and found the Olympic Club’s 1500m meet on my Masters Calendar! Awesome! I’ve been hearing a lot of good feedback, thank you! Also a big thank you to those of you that have sent me events to add to the calendar… I really appreciate your efforts!!! Personally I’m busy picking out some far away swims for myself this year so look out I may end up in your pool or on your beach! I’m thinking about hitting the Wisconsin State meet in April, anybody else going?

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