UPDATE 29JAN10: Results have been posted here

2 flights and a quick drive later I finally got to the pool!

Today was the first SPMA meet of the SCY season and it was hosted in Las Vegas! Not a bad place to start the year! Both of my flights were on time this morning and I actually got to the pool early which turned out to be a really good deal. I ran into Rowdy Gaines as I got into the pool area and got a chance to talk with him for a while. Rowdy is such a nice guy and it’s always cool when I get a chance to talk to him a little bit in person! He’s in town for something with the local age group team… I tried to talk him into deck entering but unfortunately he was a little busy. He did swim a little bit though during warm up, I got to swim beside him for about 1000 yards which was very cool for me!

Once warm up was over I had a good chunk of time to hang out before I actually raced. This meet starts with the 500 free and that tends to take a while to work through. I hung out with the Rose Bowl Masters today since this wasn’t a team meet for CVMM.

I started out with the 50 fly today and my race went pretty well. I swam a 26.8 which is a pretty decent showing for the first meet of the season. I haven’t done much short course speed work recently and I didn’t dolphin kick as far as I usually do so all that being said I think I might be able swim a low 25 this year.

Up next was the 50 breaststroke which is typically a “palate cleanser” for me. I’m not a b-stroker. I had a pretty decent swim, good pull down with a dolphin kick (that’s new for me) and besides an awkward extra stroke at the 25 I had no major mistakes. My timer was having a stopwatch meltdown during my heat so I didn’t get a time at the end of my race. Amazingly when I checked the results on the wall later I found out that I won my age group! I swam a 33.15 which isn’t a best time but really good for me.

In theory my 3rd event was the 100 fly but I missed it. The acoustics in the pool were really bad and I didn’t hear the event announced. All the heat and event announcements were very Charlie Brown’s Teacher-esque. Wahh wah wah wahh wah wah… On the one hand I’m bummed I missed the 100 fly, on the other my body was starting to cramp up.

I finished up with a 50 free and it wasn’t exactly my best work. My calf cramped up on the blocks and I just wasn’t all there for it. I swam a low 26 and I have a little video for you below… as usual I’m the handsome bald man in the bodysuit :)

I got a few pictures throughout the day… here’s some of them!

apparently we had some Elvis’ in attendance

That’s Rowdy Gaines doing a flip turn

… that’s me swimming next to him!

the Desert Breeze Park Pool

I present you snow on a mountain :)

Now I’m at New York New York about to go run all over Vegas and have some fun! I’m flying back tomorrow!

7 Responses to “2010 Las Vegas Masters SCY Meet Wrap Up”

  1. Ahelee says:

    There are a few new Conejo Valley Multisport Masters Team Records Rob!


  2. tres_arboles says:

    Definitely just a devoted fitness and long swimmer, but I enjoy reports like these just the same. Especially because you and appear cut from the same cloth (built the same).


  3. Rob D says:

    Thanks David! If you like meet wrap ups you're in the right place… I've got about 10 or 11 meets penciled in between here and the end of May before I switch over to Open Water races!

  4. Jinxi says:

    Hi Rob! I am so happy to have found your blog. My family & I were next to you during the whole LV meet, but we never got a chance to talk. You swam so great that day!

    The meet was my first swim meet in 20 years (eek!). I was happy to get my feet wet again (no pun intended) and get a brief glimpse at how Masters meets work.

    I am going to subscribe to your blog so I can learn lots more here & be better prepared for the next one.

    I wrote a little piece on my site about my adventures that day:


    Hope we can formally meet in Fullerton (if you will be at that one). =)

    Take care, Jinxi

  5. Rob D says:

    Jinxi – hi! I'm really stoked you found my site and left a comment! I was wondering if you would pop up at another meet since I'd never seen you out before. High five on your swims and your return to swimming! I took a 10 year break myself and after my first masters event I was hooked. I think you'll like USMS, and the swim scene in SoCal is really active and very friendly. I'm planning on being at the meet in Fullerton so I'll see you there!

    If you have masters questions or anything like that feel free to shoot me an email and I'll help you out!

  6. Jinxi says:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful welcome and encouragement, Rob. I appreciate it so much!

    I was thrilled to catch such a warm, positive vibe at the LV meet.Everyone is so cool and it's such a fun atmosphere. I'm really looking forward to my next meet.I was hoping to go to the Pasadena event, but our kids have some other activities going on that day that made it tricky…so I'm planning on the Fullerton meet being my next.

    I look forward to seeing you there and also to reading lots more on your site. It has already helped me so much & I'm stoked to have found you!

    Have a great weekend!
    Winx, Jinxi