I had a little bit of a 10k false start last week when I missed the beginning of the workout and ended up with 7k instead. Well this week I redeemed myself and ground out the full 10k, or for those of you not hip to the metric system that’s around 46 miles… ok maybe it’s closer to 6.2 miles, but still it felt like a lot more than that!

Since I had some long distance experience from last week to learn from, my swim went pretty smoothly. I brought 2 bottles of Gatorade, some Hammer Gel and ShotBlocks to chew on between sets, and most importantly I knew better that to try and be fast! We started with upwards of 15-16 swimmers (finished with around 12 I think) and I was in the faster of the 2 lanes. I spent most of my time leading from the rear :) In a shorter workout I would probably move up a few spots in the rotation, but I knew if I just held my own solid pace I would be able to finish the workout without incident.

This time around I have a copy of the workout. It was a good way to move through this much distance. It changed it up a lot and helped keep me from getting bored.

Set 1
1000 Choice warmup

Set 2
5 x 100 Drill/Swim x 50
4 x 200 Pull, breathing pattern
3 x 300 Swim: 100 free 100 stroke 100 free
2 x 400 One Kick w/ Fins , One Pull
1 x 500 Swim Pyramid 100′s (Easy ‐ Med ‐ Fast ‐ Med ‐ Easy)

Set 3
400 Free
100 Kick (no fins)
400 ‐ 4×100 IM consecutive (no rest)
100 Kick (no fins)
400 Pull, negative split
100 Swim
400 Kick w/ Fins : 4 x 100 builds
100 Swim

Set 4
5 x 200 Pyramid
5 x 100 Pyramid, choice of stroke

Set 5
3 x 100 Swim on Interval
100 Easy
3 x 100 Pull on Interval ‐ 5
100 Easy
3 x 100 Swim w/ Fins on Interval ‐ 10
100 Easy

Set 6
4 x 50 Paddles + Fins, get stroke count
4 x 50 Paddles OR Fins, Keep stroke count same as prior 4
4 x 50 Swim, Keep stroke count same as prior 4
100 Easy

Set 7
50 All out, Fins and paddles OK

Set 8
50 Easy

10,000 meters total!

After workout I hung out in the hot tub for a while and then ran over to the triathlon store real quick to reload on Goggles and various gel packets. It’s fair to say the Gu and Hammer Gel packets are an acquired taste but I’m starting to dig them.

restocking on goopy make believe food after workout

After that I made my way out to Gus’s in San Luis Obispo for lunch with some of the other people that did the swim today. It was cool to meet a bunch of the other people that swim seriously at my gym. A lot of them workout in the morning or at lunch so I would have probably never meet them otherwise. I have a feeling the rest of my day is going to consist of tv and a nap :) One way or another I’ll be back in the water tomorrow… either the ocean or Kennedy… we’ll see.

2 Responses to “10,000 Meters for Breakfast”

  1. Swimming for ME says:

    Whoa dude! And that is not even 10,000 yards.. it's meters. Nice!

  2. Rob D says:

    Thanks! I'm just really glad it was long course… I don't think I could stomach that kind of distance in yards with all the turns!