People are starting to get antsy about what’s going on with our techsuits in Masters so USMS has put out an update to their Swimsuit Rules Interpretation for us. The short version is nothing has changed yet. FINA has been delaying a decision for months in regards to what to do with Masters and suits. They are slated to meet in mid January and in theory they should actually make a decision at that point. Once that decision is ultimately made, then USMS will make a ruling based on the new international rules.

There was one question that they addressed in the update that I think is important to get out:

Question: If FINA changes the Masters swimwear rule in mid-January, will the new swimwear rule then immediately apply to the remaining two weeks of the One Hour Postal Swim in January?

Answer: No. The swimwear rule in effect on January 1, 2010 will apply for the duration of the One Hour Postal Swim being conducted in January 2010. The swimwear rule in effect on January 1, 2010, will be the interpretations as published in this notice.

Beyond that, everything is basically the same and we all need to chill out until January to see what our international overlords decide to let us swim in.

If you want to see the latest from USMS you can read it here.

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