Swam after work tonight at Kennedy in SLO. It was a little cold and there were only 2 of us tonight. We didn’t do a ton of yardage but it hurt man! I must have tweaked something unusual in my upper body, hopefully that kink works itself out!

500 swim

4 x 150 free, stroke, free by 50

4 x 50 fast @ 1:00
100 kick easy

5 x 100 pull @ 2:00

100 cool down

2000 long course meters total plus a trip to the hot tub

I’m still getting used to long course again. I did some butterfly today… it was a good reminder of how dependent I am on walls! Yikes. Maybe working out here will at least get me ready for a 200m fly during long course season (did I really just say that?). Anyways, I need to hit up my coaches down at CVMM for some LCM workouts as inspiration for these swims at Kennedy. Tomorrow I’m off to swim in Santa Maria and if I’m feeling inspired I might even sneak in a Kennedy swim too… we’ll see if that really happens

2 Responses to “That Hurt More Than it Should Have…”

  1. tres_arboles says:

    Hi Rob–New reader question: In your workouts, does the notation "stroke" mean swimmer's choice of anything but free? I one of these late to swimming types making a transition from laps to workouts, so the jargon is still a bit unfamiliar.



  2. Rob D says:

    David – that's correct, stroke = non-free

    If you have questions on anything else let me know! A lot of teams/workout groups have their own versions of what a lot of this stuff means so it can get confusing!