I stayed up late Friday night drinking beer and eating ice cream… not sure that was the best prep for an early morning swim with my adopted team :) Saturdays at CVMM are a 90 minute workout which is 30 minutes longer than what I normally do. I need to find my way into more longer practices like this, they’re good for me!

Even though I was kind of outclassed on the end of the pool I was swimming in I’m glad I got in with the faster kids. I always do better when I have people to chase. I split a lane with my buddy Peter and we had some real fast college age kids in the lane next to us who really laid it down today. Later in the workout Coach Nancy came down and joined us in the water on my end of the pool which was cool.

The workout itself was fun, hard, but fun. Even though we had a big range of abilities in the pool we were able to do a lot of the main set on the same intervals so that everyone was swimming together. We had a really good vibe in the pool today.

Here’s what I remember of today’s workout

400 (100 drill, 200 free, 100 swim)
12 x 50 free 1-6 drill/swim, 6-12 swim

Repeat x 3 (round 1 pull, round 2 swim, round 3 fast)
6 x 150
3 x 50

100 easy

4250 yards total

After workout I went to breakfast with some teammates and I spent the rest of the day hanging out with the coaches talking about the direction and future of the team, keep and eye out for them there’s some good stuff coming! I took the train home this afternoon and I’m debating whether a frosty ocean swim is in my future for tomorrow, I’m pretty tired. We’ll see what goes down!

2 Responses to “Saturday Morning with Conejo Valley Masters”

  1. Ahelee says:

    Thanks for not mentioning the culprit of your beer & ice-cream binge!

    So GREAT to have you down Rob – looking forward to 2010!

  2. Rob D says:

    I didn't want to out the coach as the bad influence :) Thanks for the beer, ice cream, workouts, and carting me all over TO & Simi while I was there! Hopefully I can get back down soon!