I’m coming down from all the excitement of swimming in Long Beach this weekend. This morning I hurt all over and I was kinda prickly, ewww. At least it was just the arms… I’m really not excited about the prospect of leg shaving if/when the techsuits officially get the boot from Masters!

This evening I decided that I should do an easy workout just to cool down from the meet. I drove out to Pismo around 8pm and put in 1500 yards in the pool, nothing too exciting, I just needed to go out and move my body.

400 free
100 drill

4 x 100 IM Order
4 x 50 IM Order
4 x 25 IM Order

300 cool down

1500 yards total

As an added bonus I got a new suit today! Dolfin sent me one of their super fun drag suits, I totally dig it. It’s going in the workout suit rotation with my Vegas Themed TYR suit. I also got some extra pictures via email from the meet from my friends the McGinleys! I put them up on my Facebook page if you want to check them out.

My rad new suit!

A quick reminder for those of you that swam this weekend in Long Beach, LiveSwim.net is busy cutting and posting video to the web at grunions.liveswim.net. It’s going to take a few days and a lot of work to parse through it all. If you want to get your swims sent to you on a CD you can still become a sponsor of the event for $25. I really like what Chris and his guys are doing for local masters swimming and I know he really appreciates any support he can get from us!

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