Just got back from a super boring hour of pain on the elliptical machine at the gym… luckily the rest of my day was much more fun!

I got a chance to hang out with super open water swimmer and Catalina Channel swimmer Lynn Kubasek! She was en route to San Luis Obispo and dropped into Pismo Beach to hang out for a little bit. We talked all kinds and I learned a lot about what goes into a much more epic open water ocean swim than what I’ve tackled so far. I hope I get a chance to get in the ocean and swim with Lynn one of these days, she’s super fun :)

Check it out, Lynn brought me some soap she made herself, super cool!

My other big distraction today was talk of a meet that’s going on before FINA’s meeting where they are supposedly going to finally make the official decision to ban tech suits. On January 9th there’s a meet in the Adirondack LMSC (Upstate New York). It got me wondering a few things… 1 – how many meets are going on the first 2 weeks of the year? 2 – Is it completely crazy to fly to Albany, NY just to swim a meet? Maybe I could go swim in snow country instead of Las Vegas in January. I could leave SLO Friday night, get to New York Saturday morning, race that afternoon and come home Sunday night… hmmm… good idea or awesome idea?

2 Responses to “New Friends, Free Soap, and Last Chance Tech Suit Meets”

  1. Patrick says:

    I would be tooooo jealous! That would be a blast, I wouldn't like the cold but what a trip!

  2. Rob D says:

    I'm tempted just because it's such a ridiculous idea and I have a swimmer friend there…