I’ve got some more xmas excitement for swimmer types for you all to follow up my first list from about a week ago

1. Swim DVD’s from Go Swim

I’m a big fan of Go Swim, I think they produce a lot of great content… a good majority of which they give away for free on their site GoSwim.tv. Go Swim also produces some really good DVDs for purchase that I highly recommend. I picked up their Freestyle with Jason Lezak video back in July and loved it! You can check out my review of that DVD here.

Beyond the Jason Lezak video, Go Swim has done work with people like Aaron Piersol, Sara McLarty, Kaitlin Sandeno, Erik Vendt, Margaret Hoelzer, Brendan Hansen, Amanda Beard and more! You can check out a list of all the current Go Swim DVDs here!

2. Swimming Anatomy
This book came highly recommended by a lot of my swimmer friends so I picked myself up a copy a couple of weeks ago. The book has a lot of really big words but luckily it also has a lot of pictures :) So even if you don’t know what a sternocleidomastoid is you can still pretend to be smart and know what you’re talking about by looking at the pictures.

I’m still reading through my copy, but so far I’m really impressed with it. It’s kind of like swimming muscles text book. Good stuff. You can find the book at Amazon, Borders, or wherever else you like to buy books.

3. Swimming World Magazine Subscription
Swimming World not only has a great website with the best swimming news coverage on the web, but they also put out a great print magazine as well.

I’m always excited when my copy shows up, and it never hurts my feelings to find Federica Pellegrini in my mailbox… just sayin’ :) Go out and get your subscription set up here!

4. Gel Packs, Shot Blocks and Other Athletic Pseudo-Foods

I get these things for free in open water event goody bags sometimes but I rarely think to actually buy them. The last time I was at the triathlon store I bought a handful of them just in case. Gu Energy Gels, Hammer Gels, and Shot Blocks are all pretty popular with my triathlete friends in particular and I bet that they’d be stoked to have some in their stockings!

5. USMS Registration
Have a friend that needs to re-up their Masters registration or is Masters curious? Cover their registration cost! Sign yourself up while you’re there!

Go to www.usms.org/reg/ to sign up… check out my step by step walk through if you need a little help with the process.

6. Entry to a Rad Swimming Event
A lot of local meets fall in the $20-$40 range, but some meets – especially longer open water races – can cost some bucks. If I get into the Chesapeake Bay Swim I have to pay $250 to play. If you have a swimmer on your list who has a dream event that they want to do but don’t have the dough, pay for their entry… if they’re a die hard swimmer this will probably be the coolest thing you could get them!

7. Swim Lessons for Kids via Make-a-Splash

I’ve talked about the Make-a-Splash program and the USA Swimming Foundation on the blog a few times before and personally I’ve made a few donations throughout the year. I think it’s a good cause and it’s a good program.

You can make a donation here to pay for swim lessons for a kid that can’t afford it. Let them know who sent you in the comment section!

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