I got an invite last week from a local swimmer to go swim with a group at Kennedy Club in San Luis Obispo. They have a schedule of master classes and groups that do their own workouts together. I knew that they existed but I’ve never dropped in because I’m not a club member.

I hopped in the truck and made my way to SLO right after work. It was kind of rainy today which doesn’t really bother me when I’m swimming seeing as I’m, you know, wet already. I had a guest pass waiting for me at the desk which was very cool, and once I found my way out to the pool I was very surprised to find out that the pool was set for long course meters! I’m definitely a short course guy when it comes to racing, but having access to a long course pool when I’m gearing up for open water swims is pretty awesome. There is another 50m pool in town but it’s only long course early in the morning so it might as well not exist for me.

Here’s the workout we did this evening:

100 pull
300 swim
100 pull
200 swim
100 pull
100 swim

100 easy

5 x 100 25 no breather, 25 fast, 50 easy

6 x 50 kick w/ fins

2 x 200 free

100 cool down

2300 meters total

It’s fair to say this swim hurt a little bit… long course is always a bit of a shock to the system, especially if you’re not ready for it! The guys swimming tonight were all pretty cool and this fits my schedule pretty well so I might just join the club so I have another place to swim. I think I can sign up through work for free anyways so I might as well do it. If you’re a SLO local you can check out Kennedy’s Aquatic schedule here

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