Packing for Long Beach… I’m bringing all my tech stuff!

I’ve been dying to get in the pool and work keeps getting in the way, ugh… I’d get madder at this whole “having a job” thing, but it kind of funds my swimming so I guess I have to tolerate it :) I got back into the pool tonight and did a short workout since in theory this is taper time.

I did a short warm up and then got in a few 50 yard sprints. I brought the Finis SwiMP3 with me again and timed my sprints to the fast parts of the songs I was listening to. I wish I could have music piped into my head when I race… anyways… beyond that I did some slow swimming with a big focus on what I was doing. Head position, hand position etc. Coach Nancy picked out some stuff that I was doing wrong in my freestyle when I was down working out with CVMM a couple weeks ago that I’m making a conscious effort to correct.

I have to get all my stuff packed for Long Beach tonight even though I’m not swimming until Saturday. I have to work all day Friday and then drive the 4ish hours down to Long Beach that night. Even though I won’t be at the meet tomorrow I will be watching online! Don’t forget to check out the livestream by my buddies from at on Friday and through out the rest of the weekend!

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