I drove down to the city for work and figured it out where I could stay a night to hang out with my Conejo Valley Multisport Masters friends. My friend Ahelee has joined the team as a coach and I’m really excited about it! We’ve been hanging out all evening and she coached the Friday night workout. It was a Fast Friday sort of deal, and even though we didn’t do a ton of yardage we worked it pretty hard!

400 warm up (200 free, 100 back, 100 breast)
500 every 4th 25 stroke

12 x 25 descending in groups of 3 (alternating 3 fly, 3 free)

Repeat x 4
3 x 50 descending @ 1:00
100 fly – FAST (repeat 2-4 were w/ fins, 2 & 3 were a fast 50 followed by a 50 fly drill)
50 easy

6 x 25 2 fast, 2 medium, 2 easy

2400 yards total

Ahelee has been one of my unofficial coaches for a long time so it’s really great to finally be on the same team! I think I named her as the coach of the imaginary RobAquatics National team a long time ago :) She took a lot of time helping me try to fix my catch… it’s really hard to change that part of your stroke but it’s definitely something I need to do, I’m glad I have someone on deck looking after my progression with that. I’m getting there, it just needs some more time.

I should be back in the pool with CVMM tomorrow morning!

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