One of my friends on Twitter turned me onto the Chesapeake Bay Swim recently. It’s a 4.4 mile swim across the Chesapeake Bay (go figure). Turns out it’s pretty popular and they have to hold a lottery for swim slots. The lottery opened up today and I got myself entered… if you have an urge to do some east coast swimming in June check out the Chesapeake Bay Swim’s web site. The actual site to sign up for the lottery is here. This one isn’t a masters sanctioned event by the way.

If I get into this one I’m going to have to try and arrange an open water world tour of America :) There are a lot of USMS Open Water National Championship events I want to go to this summer! Anybody want to sponsor a bald blogging open water enthusiast to fly all over the country and swim all the cool open water swims? Eh? Not everybody all at once now!

**UPDATE 11JAN10: I’m in! I won a spot and paid my entry fee today!

4 Responses to “Entered the Chesapeake Bay Swim Lottery”

  1. Glenn says:

    This swim end less than 2 miles from my house. It's a very popular swim and I've done it as well. Very fun.

  2. Rob D says:

    Cool! Are you going to try and do it this year? If I get a spot I just have to figure a way to work this into my schedule…

  3. Swimming for ME says:

    Well I hope we all get in! Ummm.. maybe. The end of the swim is the hardest I hear. Lots of currents. No jellyfish last year.

    You'll have to come do the 2.4 mile Peaks Island to Portland Swim next .. lobster buoys and all!

  4. Rob D says:

    Lobster buoys? Fun! I need to start buying lottery tickets so I can afford to get out to all of these cool swims!