I decided to join Kennedy Club Fitness so that I can have access to an extra local workout group. I picked up my card this morning and went and made use of it a little later in the day. Kennedy has one gym about 2 or 3 miles from my house with a 3 lane 25 yard pool, a monster gym in SLO with a 50m pool, and a couple gyms in the north county that I’m pretty much never going to see because I don’t crest the Cuesta Grade so often.

Anyways… I was excited that it was raining because I figured I could swim some long course by myself. I got up to the Kennedy in SLO and grabbed a lane all to myself. Once the rain let up a few more people hopped in and I ended up sharing my lane which was fine seeing as we only needed to see each other once every 50m or so. I swam 2000m today broken into 500′s. Having access to this pool is going to be awesome when summer comes and I need to start getting ready for open water action! The other part I’m digging about this pool is the hot tub a few steps away from it, perfect way to wind down after a swim!

Suit’o'the day, I figured I should make my first day memorable :)

By the time I got home I was still a little fidgety so I decided to go hit my other gym in Pismo (yes I belong to 2 gyms at the moment… gotta work on that) and do a little dryland. I spent about 30 minutes playing nice with the elliptical machine to burn off my extra energy. Now I can feel ok about spending the rest of my day lounging on the couch!

3 Responses to “Don’t Stop ’til You Get Enough”

  1. Swimming for ME says:

    Sweet suit! Is there a female version?

  2. Rob D says:

    Thanks, it definitely got some looks at the pool! They do make a female version of that suit: http://www.splish.com/products/thinstraps/koi-sunset

  3. Swimming for ME says:

    yup already found it… definitely going in my swim bag! Happy New Year!