Between my travel schedule, work stuff, and pool closures I’ve effectively been shut out for weeks from of one of my favorite things to do during the week… swim at lunch on a workday! Not that I haven’t tried mind you! I drove down there about 3 different times where the pool was just straight up closed and nobody ever told me. Well after a month and a few days I finally got in a practice at my favorite lunchtime pool in Santa Maria.

One the drive down I was really hoping the pool would actually be open for me… I was prepared for a let down. Once I got parked and saw that the pool was filled and open I was really excited! We had a really small masters crew today. We started with 2 and finished with 3. It sounds like everyone else has been having attendance issues recently too so at least I wasn’t the only one. We did a regular warm up and real basic 10×100 type of set. One guy kept swimming based off of a workout he brought with him and the rest of us decided to do some sprints. I helped teach my workout buddy how to do starts off the blocks and we even did a few timed sprints. I swam a 50 free in 27 seconds and a 50 fly in 28 which is ok for mid-workout in a drag suit.

250 swim
200 kick
200 pull

10 x 100 on broken clock mystery interval

2 x 50 sprint off blocks, 1 free (27), 1 fly (28)

100 easy

1850 yards total

Hopefully I can get back to my regular Tuesday/Thursday rhythm for workouts with this group. The only impending pool closure that I know about in the near future is Christmas day.

Just for fun, check this out… Eric from the Kastaway blog has upgraded my goggle picture from yesterday, I feel like I have a goggle intervention coming…

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