I love me some goggles… I can’t help it… they’re cheap, practical and colorful. The picture above is just what I have floating around the house, it doesn’t count the ones I have in my desk at the office and others in the house that are still in their packaging. It’s fair to say that I was a little geeked out today when more pictures and info about blueseventy’s new super goggle started to come out. The part that really stuck with me though is the price tag… about $100! gulp! My most expensive goggles are like $24.00. I hope these things are super awesome and fast with x-ray vision.

blueseventy carbonRZR goggle

Eric from the Kastaway blog did the math on Twitter earlier today and you can buy either 22.22 pairs of swedish goggles or 1 pair of carbonRZR goggles, your choice. Knowing myself I’ll probably end up with a pair just in the name of science. You can read all the specs over at the17thman’s blog.

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