Loki models the metallized Socket Rockets

I said goodbye to one of my favorite pairs of goggles today… not that I don’t have an epic collection to back them up, but these were a personal favorite for outside lunchtime swims. I’m a big fan of the TYR Socket Rockets as workout goggles and wear them in most practices but never in meets (I wear blueseventy Element goggles for racing and open water). Unfortunately the demise of these goggles can be chalked up to user error. I have a tendency to leave my swim bag to cook in the truck while I’m in the office and well the heat finally got to them. The strap is all melty and and the silicone on the cups is all gummy too so they’re done for.

front view of a lens

I know a lot of people swear by regular hard plastic swedish goggles, I have a pile of them myself, but these goggles take all the good stuff about swedes and make them just a little bit better. The Socket Rockets have a little layer of silicone (or some other mystery rubber) that softens the impact between your eye socket and the plastic cup of the goggle. I wear mine a little loose for working out and I leave the pool without any goofy goggle marks on my face. The only downside to wearing them the way I do is that they’re no good for starts and dives.

the silicone that makes all the difference

If you want to get yourself a pair you can get them in all kinds of colors for about $6… if you want metallized they run about $13… I need to go get some new ones to make up for my dead pair!

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