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Day 3 action

Today was the last day of the SPMA SCM Regional Championships and a pretty easy day for me, just one race – the 100m fly. As is my habit I got to the pool way too early and watched people swim the 800m free, well one guy did it butterfly (wow), and I chatted up the other early birds. It took a while for the pool deck to fill up today, I think everyone was trying to time the end of the 800m to get some extra sleeping in time after the long days that preceded this session.

I really wanted to do well in my 100m fly. I’d been doing really good with my butterfly events this weekend and wanted to get in a hot swim to cap off the year. During the SCM season I swam a couple of 1:06′s and a rogue 1:11 a couple of weeks ago while wearing a drag suit so my main goal was to break into the 1:05′s. I was feeling pretty good standing behind the blocks and when they announced my name I made sure to wave and smile like I was on NBC or something :) My plan for the race was to work the walls the best I could and swim like hell… pretty simple. I felt really good of the start, the Belmont pool is nice and deep giving me a lot of room to kick. I went out in about 30 seconds which is pretty good for me (my 50 time is 29.3) and things were looking up when I had enough air in the tank to take my kicking out pretty far on that 3rd 25. I started feeling a little rough on that last turn but my stroke rate kept up. I finished in a 1:05.78 which I am super stoked about! According to the Swimming World Time converter that puts me at a high :58 in yards. It was also good enough for 2nd in my age group!

It’s going to be a little while before the LiveSwim guys get all the video from the meet processed (when you consider how many splashes there were at the meet it’s going to be a fairly herculean task!), but in the meantime my friends Patrick and Kathleen from Rosebowl came through with some footage from the bleachers of my 100m fly! Thank you!!!

After my swim I hung out at the pool for a few hours just being social because, well, I was 4 hours from home and I’d rather have fun and hang out than drive on the 405 :) While I was there I got to see some great swims, but my favorite was watching Jeff Commings (who you might be familiar with from Swimming World) completely destroy the world record in the men’s 35-39 50m breaststroke! The old record was 28.57 and Jeff laid down a smoking fast 27.79! Not only was it a great swim, but his reaction afterwards was priceless… arms in the air, smiling draped backwards over the lane line… I can’t wait until the video of this one comes out!

As the week goes on I should have some more swim excitement from the meet. Keep an eye out for pictures and video between here and probably Wednesday.

Joel from the17thman counting in the 800m free

the view from the back deck of the pool does not suck

2 Responses to “2009 SPMA SCM Regional Championships Day 3 Wrap Up”

  1. Swimming for ME says:

    nice long underwater pushoffs!

  2. Rob D says:

    thanks! the less strokes I have to take the happier I am :)