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warm up in the comp pool

Just finished a loooong day at the pool. I have to start by congratulating the Grunions for doing such a good job with such an unwieldy meet. There’s 604 swimmers registered for this thing! Wow! That leads to some pretty long days and they’ve really held it together well. No major delays and timers in the chairs the whole time. Thank you Grunions! Also this meet has been unreasonably fast! 43 world records and 18 American records so far!!!

I got to the pool around 7:30 this morning (and left at 6:30 tonight!) and warmed up early even though it would be hours before my first event. I’m weird like that. After getting in some swimming in the main pool I finished up in the warm up pool just to have some space to myself. Afterwards I started tracking down some of the people on my team and we set up shop up in the bleachers. I think I only sat down up there like twice all day! I was on my feet floating around talking and cheering and counting for people all day. Pretty much everybody is here! There’s swimmers from all over the country and even a Canadian contingent.

Eventually I actually swam an event! I started with the 50m fly. I’ve been kind of inconsistent in this event this season. I’ve had some ugly times and some best times scattered through the short course meets. Today turned out to be a good day. I swam a personal best time of 29.3 which is a .47 second drop from my best time! I’m excited about it. I really wanted to get down to a 28.9, but this is close enough I guess :)

After my 50m fly I went into attempting-to-find-reasons-not-to-swim-the-200-fly-mode. I’ve been having a hard time getting into the pool recently and I was pretty worried about my fly tolerance. I was seeded into heat 5 of 6 which didn’t help either, I was convinced I was going to get smoked. After hours of waiting for it, it was finally go time. A whole bunch of my friends were set up at different ends of the pool to cheer or take bets on how long it took me to gas out… I’m not sure which, I get tunnel vision when I’m racing:) I wanted to go out in like a 1:13, not to fast, not to slow. I ended up going 1:11 which was probably a little too fast. I was hurting on my 2nd 100 but I didn’t fall apart. I may have had some “extended” turns though… My stroke held together, it just got slower. I came in at 2:37.43 which is a 5 second drop from my swim at Pacific Masters SCM Champs back in October. When I got out of the pool I thought my head was going to explode, I’m not sure how much I want to keep swimming this event… it’s harder than I care to admit!

My last swim of the day was the 50m free. It wasn’t awful, but I was still feeling that 200m fly. My arms were smoked and I was breathing too much. I swam a 29.1 which is like a half second slower than my best time. Meh. 2 good swims and one bad one, I’ll take it.

I don’t have a whole lot of pictures and no video just yet. The good news is my celebrity photographer friend Mark Savage (who took the super rad pics of me at Santa Clarita) was taking shots during the 200m fly and LiveSwim.net was filming all day. I should have pictures and video for you guys as the weekend/week progresses.

I’m swimming the 100m fly tomorrow and maybe the 100m IM depending on how late it happens. If you see me at the pool say hi! Don’t forget to check out the Livestream of the meet if you can’t make it out at grunions.liveswim.net!

coach Ahelee doing some coaching… she broke a WR Friday night btw!!!

the warm up pool

The LiveSwim.net guys gave me a tour of their operation, cool stuff!

you really can’t argue with the location of this pool

this bike rack makes me happy on the inside :)

One Response to “2009 SPMA SCM Regional Championships Day 2 Wrap Up”

  1. Ahelee says:

    Congratulations on such a good finish to the season Rob!

    That 200 Fly is going to get better when you actually train for it more specifically. In the meantime, what you have done with it to now is so outstanding…
    The 200 Fly is no joke!

    Thanks for hanging out for dinner last night. Really looking for working with you as our new SPMA AT-LARGE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEMBER!

    See you at that sensational Belmont Plaza Pool for the final day!