There were only 3 of us at workout today in Santa Maria and no actual workout was planned so we winged it. My shoulder is still suspect but I’m getting by. If the workout would have actually been hard today I may have been in some trouble! After making our way through about 2000 yards we switched over to some make-believe peer coaching. We’re basically a workout group so there’s no stroke analysis or anything like that going on during our swims. Occasionally we’ll pick each other apart if we see a major problem in someone else’s stroke as we swim by, but generally it’s get in, swim, go home. One of the swimmers in the pool today is pretty new to swimming and I spent some time trying to help her with some swimming basics to make her life a little easier. We tried to fix her breaststroke (yeah I know, me of all people!) and introduced the concept of streamlining. Remember kids, smarter not harder! You’re never faster than when you push off the wall so don’t screw it up with a shitty streamline! Anyways I hope it has a positive effect.

200 swim
200 kick
200 drill

8 x 50 IM order

Repeat x 2
3 x 100 free descending
200 easy

2000 yards total

In other news… my new monofin showed up at the office after I got back from swimming. I may just make a special trip to the gym to try it out. I got the shorter Shooter style. Oh… I also got a dry top thingie for my snorkel… let’s see if this is the key to me actually being able to snorkel without drowning!

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