Ok, ok… I know coffee comes from nature too, but it also happens to taste disgusting so I need to seek alternative sources of awakeness from time to time. Today I had an impulse to spend some time in salt water. At lunch I ran home and got a swimsuit then made my way to the beach in Pismo. According to the surf report the water was 52-54 degrees so we’ll split the difference and call it 53. It was cold but not unbearable… maybe I have my cold tolerance back… we’ll see. It’s fair to say that the people on the beach thought I was a crazy person.

Anyways I largely just played in the waves for like 15 minutes. I maybe swam 300m tops. I was hoping to catch at least one good wave body surfing but no such luck. With some better planning I think I could make this a regular lunchtime occurrence… hmmmm… I already have emergency goggles in my desk, all I need to add is a swimsuit and towel. I’ll give it another shot tomorrow and see if I can squeeze drive, swim, shower, eat into an hour.

3 Responses to “Nature’s Coffee: 53 Degree Salt Water”

  1. Abby says:

    I have "emergency" googles, cap and suit in my desk at work, just in case. Good to know I'm not the only one… :)

  2. Rob D says:

    I haven't needed to resort to the back up goggles just yet but you never know!

  3. Swimming for ME says:

    Even 53 is cold for us Mainers!