My best friend in this whole shoulder debacle

I’m still fighting my left shoulder… I say swim, he says no… we’ve compromised at about 2000 yards. I started today’s workout alright but about 1500 yards in I started hurting and around 2000 I was grinding so it was time to get out.

200 free
4 x 50 kick
2 x 100 Free IM

150 free
3 x 50 kick
2 x 75 back

100 free
2 x 50 kick
2 x 50 breast

50 free
1 x 50 kick
2 x 25 fly

500 yards of mish mashed free/kick/swearing

2000 yards total

I hate quiting a workout early, but I’m sure I would hate only having one swimmable arm even more. I’m hoping to do a bunch of CVMM Workouts next week while I’m down south, so I’m really hoping I can get a handle on this so I can go about my regular swimmery business!

In an effort to amuse myself and improve this situation, here is a ridiculous and unnecessary picture:

picture source

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