I really missed swimming with a monofin… too much fun! I love the feeling of going that fast in the water!

After blowing up my old monofin on Monday I went looking for some help on what style of monofin to replace it with. After consulting with Glenn from GoSwim, the Fortress, and having a conversation with Finis via Twitter the general consensus was I needed the shorter shooter style fin. I ordered it on Tuesday and by Thursday I had my new fin!

The Shooter is a lot shorter than my old trainer style monofin, but it still generates a TON of thrust in the pool. The nice part about the shorter fin (and let’s be real, it’s still pretty big) is that you can kick at a race pace. When you use a bigger fin the kick isn’t the same rhythm/motion as you would use in real life without fins on.

I think I freaked out the other people in the pool tonight with this thing. There were two people walking laps in the good lanes (I got the jacked up lane that’s supposed to be for walking) with shoes and t-shirts on. Once I strapped the monofin on I was tearing up the pool in ways they’ve never seen and were having a hard time comprehending. I swam a few hundred yards with the fin and I mainly did underwater kicking but I did mix in some butterfly which was awesome. We’re talking like 4 strokes/25. I want to play with this thing in a deeper pool to practice my breaching :)

One thing that I need to work on though is getting some kind of foot coverage. That rubber is pretty rough on the tops of my feet. I should have bought some of those little footie things… I guess that’s next on the list of goofy swim stuff I need to go buy :) Anyways… long story short, I have a crush on my new fin and wish I could swim this fast in real life!

2 Responses to “First Night Out with My New Monofin”

  1. Pat says:

    Rob, don't wait to get those footies! Or wear lightweight poly socks. It will make your dolphin impression last much longer!

  2. Rob D says:

    It's a priority item! I would have swam longer if my feet were more comfortable. I think I still have some neoprene foot inserts from my old monofin that might work… otherwise I need to try and work in a trip to the local triathlon store, I know they usually have fin socks in stock.