the view from the gym parking lot

The magic of turkey day has been working against my aquatic endeavors, it’s been driving me nuts! I’ve had all this time off and tonight was my first real swim of the week. I made the drive down to Santa Maria on Friday in hopes of getting in a group workout, but that didn’t happen because the pool was closed. Boo. I tried to find people to go swim in the ocean with me because that tends to not be closed :) Unfortunately no one else had the same enthusiasm for 54 degree water that I have.

Today I finally got into the pool. I went to my gym in Pismo and started with some dryland action. I worked up a good sweat on an elliptical machine while I watched the sun go down over the ocean. My gym might not have the fanciest equipment, but the view is unparalleled! After that I changed into a swimsuit and spent about half an hour in the pool. I mainly focused on technique and head position. My head has really come down. Even though I still can’t swim long distances with a snorkel, the time spent using it has really had a positive impact on my head position. I also did some broken 200s, fly and free. I have a 200 fly coming up this next weekend and I’m a little concerned I haven’t been doing enough swimming to get prepped for it. I probably have 3 more pool swims (plus 1 ocean swim) before I go to Long Beach for the SPMA Regional Championships

I got a bonus picture from the Make-a-Splash event last Friday. Gold Medal Mel took a shot with his camera at an arm’s length while we were talking after Cullen finished his speech. Check it out!

Mel’s working his best Blue Steel

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