a few kids were out trying to boogie board in the surf today

I started my day out in an impressively frosty fashion this morning. I went out to Avila and brought my wetsuit for the first time. The cold water has finally defeated me. After actually getting in the water today I’m really glad I wussed out, it was a balmy 54 degrees in the warm spots.

Wearing a wetsuit was a good and a bad thing. On the upside my internal organs were fairly roasty toasty. My feet, fingers and face were cold as hell, but at least my middle was happy. The downside to the wetsuit was the shoulder constriction. I’m really broad across the shoulders and it’s hard to find things that fit me correctly in that region. The constriction and the extra flotation was really screwing with my stroke and causing some really bad stress on the insides of my shoulder. I may need to trade up to a fancier wetsuit with the stretchier rubber to survive winter and spring.

I did one half of the buoy line today, that’s like half a mile. I was stoked to be in the ocean, I wanted to do more but my shoulder was very grind-y. Once I get past the meet in Long Beach this coming weekend I think I’m going to make an appointment with a sports massage therapist guy one of my swim buddies referred me to. I want to try and get this shoulder thing sorted out in the off season.

Niel exiting the ocean

my wetsuit without me in it

After swimming today I decided to go do some cold water shopping. I made a run up to Go For It Sports in Atascadero to get a neoprene cap and as I am prone to do… goggles. I got a more of a mask kind of set of goggles because one of my swim buddies swears by them for cold water. Something about covering more of the face. After today I’m totally on board with that! I had an ice cream headache on the way back to shore today! I also found a pair of Hydralign goggles which I’ve never seen for sale before. They kind of funny shaped and frosted on the bottom half to discourage looking up while you swim. We’ll see if they help me at all. On my way home from the Triathlon store I dropped in on a Boarders in San Luis Obispo to see if they had the book “Swimming Anatomy” in stock. A lot of people have been talking about it recently and one of my open water swim friends had a copy with her on the beach today that I took a look at. I lucked out and found the only copy they had in the store.

part of my swimmer impulse purchase-a-thon

it’s hard being this cool

2 Responses to “A Cold Water Swim and Some Swimmer Shopping”

  1. EVK4 says:

    do you wear the neoprene cap in the pool when it's cold also (or just open water)?

    My 60 pound daughter freezes in the winter and I'm trying to come up with something to help, I don't think she'll wear a cap with a chinstrap but if it keeps her warmer, it might work.

  2. Rob D says:

    Personally I really only wear caps in open water, I've never seen anyone in a neoprene cap in a pool before. I'm not sure how well neoprene holds up to chlorine over time. Before the neoprene caps come out a lot of people will double up a latex and a silicone cap to trap more heat, that might be a better option for you.

    You may also want to try finding a good tight fitting long sleeved rash guard. It probably won't actually make her any warmer but she might think it's warmer!