Today was a fairly short workout in Santa Maria, we did about 2500 yards which is good because that’s probably all my shoulder was going to take anyways. We did a lot of backstroke today which isn’t really my thing, but during the warm up I had an awesome 100 fly by accident. I had no intentions of going fast, but I swam about 1:10 in a drag suit from a push on a 100 fly. Whoops. Not that it was a bad thing, I just didn’t mean to. Too put it in perspective, I was swimming 1:15-1:20 100 frees. I blame the fast fly on the monofinning I’ve been doing. Anyways, here’s the workout:

10 x 100 @ 1:40 choice (I did 8 free, 1 fly, 1 back)

200 back
100 free
150 back
200 free
100 back
300 free
50 back
400 free

2500 yards total

Speaking of ye olde monofin… I took it out again last night and had a ton of fun with it. I did a few slow-ish laps and then went nuts with it. The pool I swim in at Pismo has no gutters so whatever you push out comes right back at you. You wouldn’t believe the waves I had rocking in that little pool last night! There were some teenagers there that were totally confused by what I just did to the pool. Fun :)

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