It was another beautiful day in Avila, clear and sunny with almost no wind. At the water’s edge it felt like the water might be warm, but once we actually got in it was highly apparent that that was not the case! Niel measured 57 from the pier and there were pockets of water out there there were upwards of 3 degrees colder. I’m still going wetsuit-less, but I may need to break out my wetsuit in the next month or so… I’m going to try and hold out as long as I can.

Today was a little rough for me physically. The crowd (5 of us in November!) and the conditions were fine, but my body was not on board for a swim. I’m still not 100% in the neck/shoulder region on my left side. I swam around a mile, but I didn’t do the same swim as everybody else. We swam the south end of the buoy line and then came back to the tip of the pier. I was hurting pretty bad so I swam back in the length of the pier while everyone else swam the rest of the buoy line. It sucks to have to trim a swim short, but I’m trying to hold that delicate swim-but-don’t-hurt-yourself balance. I’m probably going to take Monday and Tuesday off to try and rest my joints and then get back to it on Wednesday to start gearing up for the Santa Clarita SCM meet this coming weekend.

2 Responses to “A Rough Day at the Beach”

  1. Wendy says:

    Good choice, although difficult. Much better to stay healthy, but more importantly stay safe in open water!

  2. Rob D says:

    The prospect of being a quarter mile off shore with a non-functioning arm is pretty scary, and I'm very self preservatory in nature so it was an easy choice to make… but a hard choice to admit I had to make.