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Today I got to swim at the newly redone Steven Schofield Aquatic Center at Pierce College down in Woodland Hills. The Turkey Shoot meet had a good turn out and we had excellent weather, apparently we are just going to go ahead and skip November this year! In between the 800m and the beginning of the rest of the meet they did a dedication of the new pool and unveiled a plaque commemorating the event. It was really nicely done and video of it should hit the web in a couple of days, I’ll link out to it once it’s ready.

For me the meet was a total success socially, speed-tastically not so much. I had my coach and a few of my Conejo Valley Masters teammates with me, and a whole bunch of my SoCal swim friends were on deck… even Coach Chris from way up in Mountain View and Sylvia who swims with me out in Avila Beach came down for the event! Physically I was basically tired out of my mind! I’ve been living out of a suitcase since Tuesday and I’ve been keeping really busy. I ended up swimming tech suit-less as well today. I want it to feel fast when I hit the water in Long Beach for regionals so I just threw on an overly colorful drag suit and raced like that… you can kinda see the effect in my times (yikes!).

My first event was the 50m fly. Technically I don’t think anything was particularly wrong with it, I just wasn’t that fast. I felt a little tugging from my suit too which probably didn’t help matters. I swam a 31.7 which sucks pretty hard for me. My friend Patrick raced in the lane next to me and got some video of the race, I’m the owner of the bald head in lane 4.

Neither of us was totally sure who beat who in that race even with the video, we debated it for a little while in Facebook chat… it was close! According to the USMS database I got him by .15 seconds.

My next event got even uglier… 1:11 in the 100m fly! Oh noes! I’ve gone 1:06 the last 2 times I swam it. I’m not sure how much of that difference is my general exhaustion and how much was the drag suit. All I know is that I have multiple excuses ready to go to try and explain that swim :) After this one I just went over to the therapy pool/hot tub and sat myself down on the steps. I think hanging out and talking in the warm pool turned out more productive than pretending to be fast in the other pool!

I swam one last event, the 50m breast. It actually felt a little better than my fly events but I still didn’t do so great. At this point I decided my racing was done for the day. I got into dry clothes and hung out on deck for a while and then made the big drive home. It’s nice to actually be at the house again after a week of running all over the state, although I gotta say it was a pretty good week! Now I just need to regroup and get ready for SPMA Regionals at the Belmont Pool hosted by the Long Beach Grunions. Speaking of which… if you haven’t gotten registered you have to get it done online between now and Monday night (November 23rd) at midnight! Go here to sign up!

Oh and I almost forgot, before I left they announced that the new aquatics center has already (unofficially) hosted its first masters world record courtesy of Bob Strand in the 60-64 age group! He swam a 1:12 100m breaststroke! I can’t even do that in yards!

The outside of the newly redone Schofield Aquatic Center

The main pool

more of the main pool

the therapy pool

My Porter Valley Masters friend Helene!

Random action!

3 Responses to “2009 Turkey Shoot SCM Wrap Up”

  1. Ahelee says:

    The new pool looks gorgeous Rob!

    Isn't it amazing how fatigue can really get you in the pool? What a great week you had…

    Now a few more days of training and then its all rest and race prep!

    See you at The Plaza!

  2. julie says:

    I hurried to get the results in the USMS database, because they show up when you click on the link next to the event when you're entering meets. I'll get the rest of the results to Chris today so he can get them posted. It was a real struggle to get anything done last night!

  3. Rob D says:

    Ahelee – I'll see you there… hopefully much more rested than I was this weekend!

    Julie – thanks for getting the results up into the USMS database so fast! As much as I didn't like some of the numbers I saw, I'm glad they were there :)