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Video of the entire meet by available here

start of the 50 fly (pic courtesy Patrick from Rose Bowl)

I had a really good time today hanging out with the Santa Clarita Masters for their SCM meet (and their 3rd meet this year! thanks guys!). The weather was just about perfect, 75ish and sunny with no wind. We had probably 125+ swimmers out there today and a whole bunch of my swim friends were in attendance. The vibe around the pool was really positive, the meet was well run, and I think everyone had a really good time.

I was a little apprehensive about the actual swimming portion of the swim meet because I’ve been having shoulder issues recently. I felt totally awful in the warm up pool, not what I was hoping for. I decided to just hop on the blocks for my 100m fly, see what happened, and base the rest of the day off of that.

Apparently I have quite the Pavlovian reaction to the starter’s beep. I launched into my race with a general disregard for my overall well being. The 100m fly hurt pretty bad, but not in my shoulder. I repeated my 1:06 from UCLA, I can’t get mad at that. I did get a brief lesson in just how fast someone can swim the 100m fly today though… a dude in my heat swam it in 54 seconds… wow… it’s not so often I lose a 100m race by 12 seconds!

My next 2 races were 50′s. I did the 50m free first and it felt pretty good. I swam a 28.47. Not a best time, but I was within a few hundredths of a second of it. I thought the 50m fly was a good swim as well. I went 29.99… one more hundredth and I would probably be less positive about my swim :) It wasn’t as fast as I would have hoped, but good considering I almost missed it completely! I just barely made it to the blocks for this one, I was too busy talking and having fun instead of paying attention to what event we were on! I got some video of the 50m fly below…

My last race was the only one I set a personal best in and the one I was least happy with. I swam my 100m free in a low 1:04 which is a couple tenths better than my last outing. However my last 100m free attempt was semi-disastrous with 2 missed turns. I think on a good day I could break out a 1:02 high… it’s just yet to happen. Oh well, I’ve got a couple more shots at it before the year is up.

I only took a few pictures today, but I did luck out and had some bonus pictures from my friend Patrick waiting for me in my inbox when I got home. Somewhere in the near future I should have a couple of shots from my super photographer friend Mark Savage so keep an eye out for those! (UPDATE: Check out the pictures Mark took of me here)

Today’s CVMM contingent… fun fact, me and Peter wear the same size B70… figure that out

Me, Coach Chris from Mountain View, and Patrick from Rose Bowl

50m fly (pic courtesy Patrick from Rose Bowl)

more 50m fly (pic courtesy Patrick from Rose Bowl)

Santa Clarita’s SCM pool

Since I was sore all over after the meet I was planning on skipping my ocean swim tomorrow, I need a day to recover. I got a phone call that sealed the deal for my sleep in instead of swim plan on the way home from the meet… my mom called me all worried about me swimming because there’s supposed to be 14-18 foot swells tomorrow! Holy crap! Avila is usually around 3 feet maybe! I might go to the beach tomorrow but just to watch the water, I’m in no shape to throw myself into 14 foot swells!

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  1. Tony Austin says:

    E-Gadz, I got scooped!

  2. Rob D says:

    I'm anxiously awaiting your version… I especially want to hear your thoughts on your new suit!