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So what does the Bearsharktopus have to do with anything? Well nothing really, this just really amuses me… I can see this crawling out of a lake in the Pacific Northwest during an open water swim. Anyways… if the new Conejo Valley Multisport Masters team starts looking for a mascot, this is my submission :) That would look pretty hot on a swim cap yeah?

Back to reality… today in the pool I got thrown a beating! The last couple of days I have been playing with dryland exercise. Some lifting and time on the elliptical machine. The mix of weight lifting and swimming has my upper body on fire. I’m at the can’t-raise-arms-over-head stage right now. Midway though the main set for today I was looking for excuses in my head to quit and lay on the pool deck. After I realizing that no one would believe that I sprained my pancreas I decided to keep going… I’m only kind of glad that I’m not a quitter. I hurt dude. Hopefully it will fade away tonight!

Here’s today’s workout:

300 swim
300 dolphin kick
4 x 100 descending interval (1:30, 1:25, 1:20, 1:15)

12 x 25 fly @ 1:00

Repeat x 8
75 free @ 1:00
50 free @ 1:00

200 easy

2500 yards total

It was harder than it looks!

3 Responses to “Why are the Shorter Practices Always the Harder Ones?”

  1. Pat says:

    Well, that did it for me … I was just a little afraid of open water, now I'm terrified. Thanks, Rob. LOL but it is creepy.

  2. Rob D says:

    Well you can console yourself with the thought that as scary as it looks it's most likely an awful swimmer. Bear feet and octopus arms aren't particularly conducive to fast swimming. You're probably safer from Bearsharktopus in the water than you are on land. Problem solved :)

  3. EVK4 says:

    Who would win in a cage match: bearsharktopus or chupacabra?