So my master plan for October was to aquatically beat the hell out of myself all month so that I can recover in November and be fast by early December. Let’s consider step 1 complete! I hurt all over my body today after my swim down in Santa Maria. We normally squeeze 2500-3000 yards into our workouts, but today we did 3500. Add on the 60 minutes I spent on the elliptical machine at the gym late last night and I’m ready for bed somewhere around 7pm today! I don’t think the beatings are going to get any less severe at practice, but at least my schedule is slowing down. Only 2 meets in November and 1 in December.

Anyways, enough whining, here’s the workout:

200 free
400 free
600 free
400 free IM
200 free IM

Repeat x 4
25 fly @ :30
100 back @ 1:45
50 breast @ 1:00
150 free @ 2:15

400 pull

3500 yards total

All that stuff at the beginning had actual targeted times, but I don’t remember any of them. Basically they were all set up to give you a little bit of rest but not much.

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