This post is a little overdue… I’m normally pretty quick to figure out what my time goals are for the season, but I have a hard time with meters. I even lived in Europe and I still can’t comprehend the metric system sometimes, it’s kind of sad. Anyways, now that I have 3 SCM meets under my belt for this season I have a grip on what I’m capable of right now and what kind of numbers I can shoot for.

50 free – 27.5

Last year I spent most of the season at some variant of 30 seconds and swam a 29.24 at regionals in Long Beach. This year I’m in the mid 28′s. I want to break 28 in meters and get to a point where I am seeing some 24′s next year in SCY season.

100 free – 1:02

I only swam the 100 free in SCM once last year. I went 1:08, not that great. I didn’t really do anything that great in SCY either (best was 58ish). During LCM season I started to get much better with my 100 free. I went 1:05 a couple times at LCM Regionals back in August. So far this season I’ve swam a 1:04 SCM with 2 really bad turns. I think I can get down to around 1:02 if I have a good race with solid turns. Eventually I want to crack 1:00 in SCM… that might take a little while.

50 fly – 28.5

Last year I swam 31′s and 32′s in this event. This season saw me go 29.7 already. I want my fly to catch up with my 50m free in the mid 28′s.

100 fly – 1:04

Ahh the 100 fly, my big event of choice. I first swam a 1:13 at UCLA last October, I got it down to 1:09 at Long Beach in December. Last weekend I swam a 1:06… we’re making some progress here :) I want to swim a 1:04 before the year is out. That converts to like a high :57 or low :58 in SCY. When I grow up I want to break 1:00 in meters but I’m pretty sure that’s not happening this year!

200 fly – Stay within the top 10 on the list below!

I’d appreciate it if the rest of you that are 25-29 go ahead and not beat my time this year that would be swell :) This is my big shot at a top ten time!

2 Responses to “My 2009 SCM Season Goals”

  1. Ahelee says:

    Great goals Rob!
    I bet you go faster…
    I'm just going to hang on for dear life!
    LOVE your 200 Fly goal…means you have to swim it more :)

    I will dig out some of the fly workouts we compiled for swimmers tackling the 200 Fly as a goal.
    You'll love them.

  2. Rob D says:

    Thanks Ahelee! I'm kind of hoping everyone in my age group just stops swimming the 200m fly :) I have a feeling I'm not going to be that lucky… the 200m fly has already been begrudgingly placed upon on my short list for Long Beach.

    Send me whatever you've got for 200m fly workouts. Nobody I swim with has any desire to do that race so I'm going to have to take matters into my own hands and do solo crazy person fly workouts!