Today’s workout was really good, but I just didn’t have the requisite speed or endurance for the back half of it! We started out with a short set of 75′s that was actually really challenging/interesting. Basically you kick as hard as you can for a 25, swim as hard as you can for a 25, and then cruise the last 25. It really confuses your body which probably means that it was good for me. After that we did a big string of 50′s and finished with 13 100′s. This is where I started having trouble. The first half was fine, the interval wasn’t an issue. Once we got to the 3rd 100 on 1:20 I started to fall behind. I shouldn’t have but I did. I just couldn’t muster up the speed to keep up. I skipped a 50 in there to get back on track with the rest of the faster group. I still wasn’t exactly making the intervals but I was at least back on track enough. I think I’m just really tired from all the stuff I’ve been doing recently. September and October have been a total blur and Saturday will be my 3rd meet this month! I’m really looking forward to the following weekend where I have absolutely nowhere to be!

Here’s today’s workout:

200 free

6 x 75 (25 kick fast, 25 swim fast, 25 cruise)

12 x 50 @ :45 pull
12 x 50 @ :40 swim

13 x 100
1-4 @ 1:25
5 @ 1:30
6-8 @ 1:20
9 @ 1:30
10-11 @ 1:15
12 @ 1:30
13 @ 1:10

3050 yards (I swam 3000)

Tomorrow I’m going to leave work a little early so I can make it to Thousand Oaks for the 7pm workout with Conejo Valley Multisport Masters in the big pool at CLU. So barring any work emergencies or traffic disasters on the 101 I should be there.

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