Since I needed to be down in the general LA area tonight anyways, I left work a little early today so that I could get down to Thousand Oaks early enough to swim the 7pm workout with the Conejo Valley Masters. Tonight we were in the big pool at CLU which is awesome because I really dig that pool. Coach Nancy had me and Peter do a more mellow meet warm up workout. After about 1200 yards of swimming kicking and drilling we switched to short sprints. I got to practice my starts and get in a few sprint 25s.

While I was there she coerced me to try out a snorkel which I’ve never done. I damn near drowned! She had me try again with a nose clip and that sort of solved it. Swimming with a snorkel is going to take some work for me to get figured out. It really fixes my head position though so it wil be worth the trouble.

Tomorrow I’m going to swim at the new pool UCLA just opened in the Bruins Masters SCM Meet. If you want in on the action you can still deck enter tomorrow morning at the pool! You can download the meet info here.

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