I am up in Mountain View for the second time this month, the first time being the excellent Alan Liu SCM Memorial Meet. This time it’s for business, but I did have a chance to drop in and workout with the Mountain View Masters again. This time my meeting was scheduled a little bit later which let me stick around for the whole workout… I’m actually blogging from Google right now while I wait for my event to get started, shhh don’t tell on me :)

This is the second time I’ve swam in the Eagle pool. Last time I couldn’t find any of the walls. I kept taking really bad turns on the end with the bulkhead because the t’s are all faded off and we were doing SCM. This time around we were swimming SCY and it was dark out. Without direct sunlight the wall stood out much better and I hit all my turns just fine. This was an exciting development for me!

Anyways, here’s the workout I swam:

400 free

4 x 50 +:05
4 x 50 + :10
5 x 50 stroke drill

Repeat x 3
3 x 50
4 x 125
200 free

850 x 3

3550 yards total

It was a good swim. I shared a lane with 2 other guys and we moved along at a pretty decent pace for 5 something in the morning. Hopefully I’ll be back up again soon and I can drop in again with the Mountain View Masters. If you’re in the area, they’re drop in friendly and it’s $7 to swim as a drop in. Ok… I have to get back to what I’m actually here for!

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