Today was a drop dead gorgeous day at the beach. It was sunny and hot with dolphins out patrolling the water. There were only 3 of us that came out to swim today, everybody else missed out! We decided to just swim the entire length of the buoy line today because there were a bunch of pelicans diving out at the end of the pier.

Heidi came along today and took a whole bunch of pictures so I’ll let those tell the story…

getting myself put together

me and Niel making our way out to the water

contemplating our course

en route to the first buoy

almost there

swimming the first half of the buoy line

swimming the other half on the other side of the pier

on our way to the furthest buoy

coming back under the pier

back to the beach!


If you want more pictures I have a whole bunch more on Facebook here!

2 Responses to “An Impossibly Beautiful October Day in Avila Beach”

  1. Tony Austin says:

    What was the water temp? – I bet it was in the middle low 50's

  2. Rob D says:

    Amazingly it was more like 58-60 degrees. It's been pretty warm up here. Those low to mid 50's aren't too far off though