**UPDATE: Meet results are now posted and available here

200 freestyle relay action!

I had an excellent day down at UCLA today! There were a ton of swimmers (lots of new faces in the mix!) at the pool today and we were breaking in a brand new facility. We swam in the newly opened Spieker Aquatics Center which is waaaaaay nicer than the pool we had been using for meets at UCLA. The pool is good looking and fast. I’m stoked we have this facility available to us! The meet moved along pretty nicely. It had a slow start which is understandable given the pool’s newness, but once we got started everything went off without any problems.

My first event of the day was the 100m fly. Originally I was shooting for like a 1:07 or 1:08 but Joel from the17thman started talking some crap on Twitter about beating me in one of his fancy Splish Suits, so my goal promptly switched to beating Joel :)

…and it’s on!

We ended up in the same heat but different ends of the pool. In my race I had a pretty strong start and I went out in about a :30. I was pretty sure that this wouldn’t be a very painful race since I did a 200m fly last week, but um… I was wrong. I was really feeling it on the last 25. I finished in a 1:06 which I was pretty happy with (it’s :59ish in yards), more importantly I beat Joel! He had some excellent excuses for not going faster, like having just swam the 50m back and the 800m free, but we’ll go ahead and ignore those for right now… let’s just focus on the part where I won :) The other thing that I’m stoked about is my progress across the last year in this event. I swam my first masters 100m fly at the UCLA meet last year in a 1:13, I’m down 7 seconds from last October!

Next up was the 50m free. I was seeded next to Coach Chad from Rosebowl, I seem to end up next to him a lot. I had my best start of the day in this race and I felt pretty good through the whole thing. I hit my turn (unlike my monster botched turn at Mountain View) and really turned up my kick on that last 25. Chad out touched me, but I grabbed a best time and got myself into the 28′s. I swam 28.4-ish. If I can dip into the 27′s this year I would be pretty excited about that.

My main objective in the 50m fly today was redemption. My 50m fly at the Pacific Masters SCM Championships last week sucked (I swam a 31.5 which is like 1.5 seconds slower than my best LCM time). I was very intent on breaking 30 today. Everything went as well as I could hope for. No major errors. I swam a 29.7 which was my 3rd SCM best time of the day!

In the 100m IM things kinda stopped going so super hot. I didn’t really mess anything up I was just tired. Well in looking at the video it’s fair to say that my backstroke looked awful overall… anyways… I swam a 1:15 which is about 3 seconds slower than what I did at Mountain View earlier this month. Oh well. We’ll call that one a character builder.

I forgot my camera again, but I’ve recently procured an iPhone 3Gs which served as a pretty awesome replacement. I took some decent pictures and a ton of video. I mashed 3 of my races together below. A big thank you to my friend Helene from Porter Valley Masters for being my filmographer this afternoon! As usual I am the large bald guy in the black full body Tracer Light…

It felt really good to be back in action at an SPMA meet. It seems like I’ve been swimming everywhere except SoCal since like September! Next up is Santa Clarita in about 2 weeks, I’ll see you guys there!

the new pool has a sweet diving set up… joint masters swimming/diving meet anybody?

that’s Joel from the17thman in lane 8 swimming the 800m

3 Responses to “2009 UCLA SCM Meet Wrap Up”

  1. 6p00d8341c6c5753ef says:

    You had a great 100 fly. I remember seeing you out of the corner of my eye after the 50. It was at that point that I could tell you were going mad ass fast! Good swim!

  2. Rob D says:

    Thanks Joel! Part of that swim was motivated by your pink speedo shit talking :) We'll have to do that again on a day where you're not dry heaving your way through an 800m free…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Rob, nice 100 Fly. Work on getting your head less upright when yuo take a breath, you want about a 30degree forward tilt, that will help keep your arms lower and longer on the recovery.