The 2009 Pacific Masters Short Course Meters Championship meet gets going tomorrow in Walnut Creek with the distance events. I got a link to the Psych sheets in my email tonight, you can check them out here

I’m only swimming on Saturday. My schedule is pretty nutty… there’s a 200 fly (holy crap!), 200 IM, and a 50 fly and breast. That 200 IM might not happen depending on how I feel after that 200 fly, but I’m really hoping to lay down a decent time in the 50 fly. I want to get my 50m closer to a 28. Anyways, that’s the deal. See you guys at the pool!

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  1. Rob D says:

    Swim4Life2010 – as much as I hate to do it, I've deleted your comment. You obviously have a personal ax to grind which is fine, but I'm not going to provide you with my blog as the vehicle to make personal attacks. This isn't the place for it. As long as it's relevant to the conversation you can shit talk me all you want, but I'm not going to let you do it to others.