I’m sitting in O’Hare right now waiting for my first flight on my way back to California and I figured right now was as good a time as any to try and recap the blur of the last few days. I’ve basically been constantly engaged since Wednesday afternoon and inside a giant hotel. A tip for any of those that are planning on going to convention, don’t expect to leave… at all. The biggest excursion I made was across the street from the parking lot to sit on a bench and eat some pizza. Otherwise I was in the hotel at a meeting, workshop, the bar or the “auxiliary meeting room.”

The committee meetings were very interesting for me to sit in on. Even though the USMS national office is starting to take over large chunks of the day to day of Masters business, especially in marketing and communications, there is still an epic amount of work done by volunteers to keep this organization moving. I sat in on the Fitness Committee, the Coaches Committee, the Sports Medicine and Science Committee, part of the Championship Committee, and the first session of the Open Water and Long Distance Committee. I also sat in on some good coaches presentation/workshop type events, a LMSC communications workshop, and of course the House of Delegates. You might have noticed that I hit a lot of coach’s events even though I’m not a coach. A big reason for that is even though I don’t coach I have a big interest in the growth of USMS and I think a lot of it starts with the teams and the coaches. I wanted to know what they’re trying to do to grow their programs and support Masters.

Outside of all the official stuff I got to do a lot of great networking with other swimmers from all over the country. I also got to meet a lot of people for the first time in person that I know through the blog, facebook or the USMS forums which was really cool.

I’ll probably keep bringing up convention stuff on the blog for a while, but here are some of the big highlights for our crew from Southern California:

My coach Nancy Kirkpatrick Reno from Conejo Simi Aquatics won the USMS Coach of the Year award!!! I am very excited for Nancy, I’m a big fan :)

Julie Heather from SPMA won the Ransom A. Aurthur award which is the biggest award USMS gives out and it was very well deserved for all the work she does for us.

Michael Heather from SPMA was elected VP of National Operations.

Jeff Moxie from SPMA and a member of my team (Conejo Simi) was elected president of USMS!

The Mission Viejo Nadadores were one of 2 teams presented with the USMS Club of the Year (Go Mark and Ahelee!).

In non-SPMA related news, the 2011 SCY Championships were awarded to Mesa Aquatics in Arizona. The 2011 LCM Championships were awarded to Auburn in Alabama.

There is a lot of work to do in the coming year, but I think we are going to see big things from USMS in 2010!

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