26JAN10 Update: FINIS is currently selling their Hydrospeed line for $20 per suit regardless of style! View men’s suits here and women’s suits here

TYR Fusion 2 vs Finis Hydrospeed 2

Somewhere in the last 30 days or so I managed to pick up 2 pairs of swim leggings and I finally got them wet in the last 2 days. My first buy was a pair of TYR Fusion2 Tights just to try out the legging style. My second pair was an impulse purchase I made in the big blowout sale Finis is in the middle of having right now.

Tonight I swam in the TYR Fusion2 suit that I picked up for about $67 (retail is $92)at SwimOutlet. It is a size 36 and it’s really snug. I’m about 5’9″ and the suit hit right at my ankles, if you’re a taller dude the suit is going to probably stop a few inches further up your leg. This fits pretty well in the legs, but it is severely lacking in the “junk” region if you know what I mean. Although the compression is good and the suit is slick it didn’t feel that fast in the water. I think the Fusion fabric feels more appropriate for a workout suit than a racing suit. I will say however that like every other TYR swimsuit I’ve tried out, the suit construction is outstanding. TYR builds really solid suits. This one just didn’t stack up to how my TYR Tracer Light feels in the water. They do make a Tracer Light Tight which may be more worth buying for racing if you don’t want to go fullbody.

Last night I swam in the Finis Hydrospeed 2 tight that I bought for $30 on sale (retail is $159) straight from Finis. I was much more impressed with this suit. This was also a 36 but it was bigger than the TYR suit. The waist was a little more true to size, but the legs ran much longer. It bunched up just a little bit on me behind the knees. I really dig the material that the suit is made out of (see the close up on the left). It’s really slick to the touch and it feels really good in the water. When I was first getting used to it I felt like my girlfriend’s wiener dog. When the dog starts running her back half starts to catch up to her front half, I felt like my legs were going faster than the rest of my body. It’s an odd sensation.

Of the two suits I like the Finis one way more. It felt good through all strokes except breaststroke. I still prefer the feel of a fullbody suit, but I may try a few races in leggings to see what happens.

Anybody else try either of these suits or have another pair of leggings that they are a super fan of?

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  1. James says:

    I have the hydrospeed jammer – picked it up for Nationals because I did not want to spend that much money. It is a decent suit – not certain if it will be "legal" next year or not.