I gotta admit, today was a little rough. My shoulders are pretty sore and I wasn’t swimming as quick as I should have been today. I guess I overdid it in the ocean on Sunday or something. Hopefully all this soreness is out of my system by the weekend when I go up to Mountain View for my first SCM swim meet of the season.

This week is supposed to be breaststroke week. Luckily the workout wasn’t too heavy on my least favorite stroke… next week we focus on fly, that I can get into. As a group we don’t do much fly, sometimes I change portions of freestyle sets to fly just to get some yardage in. Next week should be fun. Anyways… here’s today’s workout:

400 free kick/swim by 25
300 back kick/swim by 25
200 breast kick/swim by 25
100 dolphin kick on back

Repeat x 3
25 back @ :30
2 x 50 breast @ 1:10
3 x 75 free @ 1:05

8 x 100 free IM @ :15 rest

2850 yards total

In other news… me and one of the guys I swim with in Santa Maria figured out that we both graduated from the same school in the same year. We even swam 1 year of high school together. I can’t place the face though so maybe he was JV or something. I’m going to have to dig into a yearbook tonight to see if I can remember the guy. He didn’t really recognize me either which isn’t too surprising. I am thoroughly unrecognizable to people from high school unless you know me really well. You have to take 16 year old Rob and add like 100 pounds, beard, glasses, and shave the head to get to 28 year old Rob.

2 Responses to “Luckily Breaststroke Week Doesn’t Have That Much Breaststroke in it…”

  1. Glenn says:

    That's not a breaststroke week. Breaststroke week should include about 3k of breaststroke per day. :) Gee, can you tell what stroke I like?

    I'd avoid NEXT week!

  2. Rob D says:

    the B stroke just isn't for me dude! 3k per day… you're nuts… you're also way faster than me… maybe those things are related :)